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Who Are We

Who We Are

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How we did it?


This is mostly for those who wants to ride the horse of coding


The idea came out to my mind in November 2021 after passing for some situations in my life added the covid-19 pandemic. 


I’m a quasi-computer-engineer. And I mean quasi because I was about to have a degree in that career but because I was following my other dream, which was had my own company, I abandoned it. I don’t regret on that since I lived beautiful moments being an entrepreneur and I was very successful as well. But I won’t bore you with that story. 


So, I started to draw something in a paper, more ideas came to me about this app, this project made me feel that something new was about to born. I told myself, I have a son who is very good at drawing, he’s an artist, so why don’t make him part of this project. I sat down with him and told him “Listen son, I have this idea and I would like you to be part of it. I want you to design, create, some character that will be the face of this app. Why don’t you design these characters for me?” My son with his beautiful smile, smiled at me and told me “Dad, that’s a good idea, let’s do it”. So that’s how Meg (The mechanic), Nico (The traffic cop), and Bobby (The oldie ride) were born. I couldn’t be happier when I saw the first drawings. 


Since I was a good programmer while studying at the university more than 20 years ago, and since this special idea came to me one night, I decided that I needed to execute it, but then I remembered that I didn’t know or know just a little of programming after more than 20 years of not touching any compiler. So as a rookie, I started watching and looking for videos on YouTube that could led me to start walking this new path. This was funny because the first video that showed up was “Learn to code in just 14 days”. I said to myself “LOL that’s not possible”. I know I have more than 20 years without programing, and because of my experience at the university, learning programming was a long way to me that make me went through 8 semesters of my career, but learning programming in just 14 days makes me laugh out loud. Ok, however I decided to give it a try and see how true that could be. In fact, I was right, that’s not possible, what in fact is possible is the way you can understand coding in those 14 days. That video was the 14 days beginner challenge or the War Game of Code with Chris. I complete it in just 5 days and then subscribe to their amazing course. I want to extend a special thanks to Chris and his amazing team who I consider have the best formula to teach coding on iOS. If you want to know more about their amazing courses, click here

Code with Chris led me learning to code easy and fast. I spent 3 months learning to code with Chris and after that I felt that it was time to start writing the first lines of code of my Project, so I did it. It took me 6 months since I decided that it was time to this moment. 

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How am I Driving rewards you with points for driving safely, which then can be redeemed for any gift card of your choice in our gift cards shop. Simply drive like you will be going to the driving test to get your driver license and receive an abundance of points. The more you drive safely, the more points you get! 


I just want to let you know that if you want to start coding, and want to have a new skill, career, or just have a project in mind, this is the time. Sometimes you can feel that you want to give up, but do not give up. Refer to Chris and his community at any time and you’ll find a solution if you are running in any problem while coding your project.


If you want to know more about “How am I Driving” click here

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